Mom Filmed Her Poodle While Posing Majestically in the Wind

Catching dogs having unsuspecting moments in backyards is one thing that every dog owner agrees to love. You can catch your dog doing many things like playing on the trampoline or digging a big whole, but what Kanji Adams caught on her camera was surely one of the best.

The woman was having a cup of coffee after she woke up but surprised to see her dog, Chuck sitting in the backyard. She concentrated to see what he was doing and knew, so she directly ran to get her phone to catch the moment. Chuck was really enjoying a gust of wind like any other dog.

Kanji said that Chuck is full of personality, joyful, and smart. She shared the video on TikTok and it directly went viral getting millions of views and thousands of likes and comments. Many people commented that the video is very awesome and adorable. Watch the video below.

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